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An i3status alternative in golang

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import ""

Most modules can only be added once, since they maintain internal state. Multicast provides a simple wrapper that allows multiple copies. Combined with group.Simple(), this can create many different combinations of modules without needing multiple instances of any module.

Multicasting a module: multi := multicast.New(existingModule).

Important: The original module must NOT be added to the bar. Only the returned module can be added, although it can be added multiple times.


<00:4035 deg845 MiB>
<00:40Mon, Jan 2135 deg>

Using a switching group to show different bar layouts:

// simple modules
date := clock.Local().Format("Mon, Jan 2")
mem := sysinfo.New().Output(/* free memory */)

// multicasted modules
time := multicast.New(clock.Local().Format("15:04"))
wthr := multicast.New(weather.New(/* provider */).Output(/* formatter */))

layoutA := group.Simple(time, wthr, mem)
layoutB := group.Simple(time, date, wthr)
layoutC := group.Simple(time, wthr)

grp, _ := switching.Group(layoutA, layoutB, layoutC)