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An i3status alternative in golang

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GitHub Notifications

import ""

Show the number of unread GitHub notifications: github.New().
Using a custom Client ID and Secret: github.NewWithClientID("id", "secret").

Shows the number of unread GitHub Notifications, optionally broken down by reason. (See the list of reasons). It uses the standard oauth package. However, GitHub does not provide easy offline authentication, so you need to manually extract the token from the success URL. After completing oauth, you will end up on the page The string after ?code= is what needs to be pasted in the interactive oauth setup.


The refresh interval is automatically set using the X-Poll-Interval header.



Show mentions urgently, otherwise all unread notifications:

github.New().Output(func(n github.Notifications) bar.Output {
	if n["mention"] > 0 {
		return outputs.Textf("Mentions:%d", n["mention"]).Urgent(true)
	if n.Total() == 0 {
		return nil
	return outputs.Textf("GH:%d", n.Total())

Data: type Notifications map[string]int

Keys are reasons, e.g. "mention", "assign", and values are the number of unread notifications with that reason.