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An i3status alternative in golang

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Function Modules

import ""

Package funcs facilitates creating simple modules using nothing more than a go function.

This is intended only for creating simple, specialized modules that are not useful in general. To create a shareable module, see the guide for Writing a Custom Module.


The simplest of all modules, just executes the given function and sends the output to the bar. Because the function is passed a bar.Sink, it can update the output multiple times (e.g. to indicate progress loading something) before finally finishing with the output that will stay on the bar forever.



Counting down 5 seconds, and then staying at “Liftoff!”:

funcs.Once(func(s bar.Sink) {
	for i := 5; i > 0; i-- {
		s.Output(outputs.Textf("%d...", i))


Very similar to a module created with Once, the only difference is that once the function returns, (Left/Right/Middle) clicking on the output will restart the module and call the function again.


Repeatedly calls the given function at a fixed interval. The timer is independent of the function, so if the function runs longer than the interval, it will be called again immediately. However, updates do not accumulate, so it will only be called once for any number of intervals spanned.


5 unread

Getting the number of unread messages using the Gmail API:

srv, _ := gmail.New(client)

gmailModule := funcs.Every(5*time.Minute, func(s bar.Sink) {
	r, err := srv.Users.Labels.Get("me", "INBOX").Do()
	if !s.Error(err) {
		s.Output(outputs.Textf("%d unread", r.messagesUnread))